Our wire stitched boxes are made from solid cardboard sheets sourced in Great Britain. Unlike corrugated cases, we have several standard material options and thicknesses and three types of wire stitching.

This page is to help you get a better understanding on what to expect from different types of boxes we do.

box sizes and materials

Standard Size Boxes

We carry a small number of die-cut box sizes. These box sizes are ‘stamped out’ using a hand-fed Platen press. Please see the tables below for our current range of standard sizes. As with all our products, these items are made to order, but can be dispatched within 10 – 15 days of order depending on our production schedule at time of order (Oct-Dec being exceptionally busy months).

Box and Lid

Available in 850-1500 micron greyboard and 1000-1900 micron kraft.

Type Length (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
A4 Document Boxes 310 220 50
A3 Document Boxes 435 310 50
Code BXM010 128 100 76
Code BXS030 208 70 16
Code BXM070 140 105 50
Code BXM110 185 105 70
Code BX0010 200 90 75
Code BXS040 146 62 40
Code BXS070 237 68 24
Code BXS190 81 54 25
Code BXM080 230 105 40
Code BXM100 190 105 40
Code BXH105 100 100 30
Code BXH110 115 63 18


Available in 850-1500 micron greyboard and 1000-1500 micron kraft.

kraft clamshell box
Type Length (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
8” Clamshell Box 220 160 78
12” Clamshell box 310 230 80
12” Document Clamshell Box 310 230 45
15” Clamshell Box 390 260 83
17” Clamshell Box 440 290 86

If you have a regular requirement for large volumes of a specific box size then die-cutting can work out as a more cost effective method of production. There is a one off cost for the die to be created, which is invoiced on the first order.

Custom Size Boxes

We do have maximum and minimum parameters to consider, but within reason, the dimensions can be easily suited to your requirements. All of our boxes are custom made to order, using your internal LxWxD dimension requirements as the basis for sizing.

Each box starts life as a sheet of solid board approx. 750 x 1100mm, so our finished product must be produced from within this dimension, be it small, multiple complete units or just one big lid and one box per sheet.

And as the image below shows, we can also provide bespoke shaped boxes on request.

Custom Shape Box

Minimum / Maximum Sizes


Minimum Depth

The minimum box depth should be at least 15mm (depending on material thickness)


Maximum Size

Maximum box size is restricted by the raw material sheet size. The maximum available box size dimensions are approximately 65cm x 50cm x 12cm

Finger Gouges

These are an optional feature which can help with lid removal. Finger gouges are usually applied to a box where the lid is the full depth on the unit.

finger gauges

Box Materials and Thicknesses

Standardised around four main materials – un-lined greyboard, double lined kraft, solid black and JPP archive board – we have several options on thickness, which are detailed below.

kraft board box

Lined Kraft Board

Made using the greyboard 100% recycled core with an acid free, neutral pH Kraft paper lining on two sides. Commonly found in document archives. Has a vintage look and feel, and is probably our most popular material.


  • 1000 micron
  • 1250 micron
  • 1500 micron
  • 1900 micron
grey board box

Unlined Greyboard

Produced using 100% post-consumer fibre waste. This is the substrate for most lined materials, which makes for a great utilitarian, brutalist, industrial looking product.


  • 850 micron
  • 1000 micron
  • 1500 micron
black board box

Solid Black Board

Exactly as the description. Fully black dyed board which really sets off a brass or copper foil blocking


  • 1250 micron
archival board box

Archival Board

For very long term storage of precious artifacts, documents etc. Mainly found in personal archives, libraries, museums, National Trust and English Heritage properties. Acid/Lignin free/Calcium carbonate buffer, solid archival box board, white internally in blue/grey outer. 


  • 1300 micron

Request a Quote

Send your requirements and we will get back to you with a quote within 1-2 working days.

Material swatch samples can be requested free of charge. Ready box sample(s) have a small fee. Please don’t hesitate to ask - call 01142626257