Box Stitching

We are different from other box makers because we don’t use glue. All our boxes are being put together using traditional wire-stitching method.

stitched boxes

Why We Use Stitches Instead of Glue

Wire stitching is used to increase the permanence of our boxes and to further combat degradation of adhesives commonly used in box making. Wire stitching also improves durability and directly enhances the ability to resist wear and tear during use. Made from non-rusting brass or stainless steel, (moisture and vermin resistant) the physical and chemical stability of a wire stitched box is also greatly improved. Plus, they look cool!

why we use stitches for boxes
Brass stitched box

Gold Brass Wire

Perfect for archiving, archaeological use, gold/brass colour.

silver alloy stitched box

Silver Alloy Wire

Great for general all-purpose use, chrome in colour.

wide alloy stitched

Wide Silver Alloy Wire

Ideal for heavy duty use, chrome in colour.

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