Map & Poster Boxes

Map & Poster Boxes

The New Premium Box Range

We’re happy to showcase our new range of boxes!

We’re introducing a range of map and poster boxes, the images show our triangular style which is a simple clamshell design with the lid attached and secured with a flap insert. Another design is a rectangular box with a removable lid, fitted over another external box for added protection.

These boxes are available in a range of different materials from chipboard, greyboard, kraft and more with varying degrees of thickness to suit your needs.

map storage boxes
poster storage box
storage boxes for schools
poster boxes for museums schools archives

These also could be useful for archival storage with double-sided Kraft Lined acid-free/pH neutral board or premium quality archival folding boxboard. We offer our archival board in several card thickness options with standard alloy wire stitches or with specialist rust-resistant brass wire. Suitable for museums, schools, archives and more.

Get in touch with us to learn more about these onĀ 0114 262 6257!