Frequently Asked Questions

What is you minimum order quantity?

We do not have minimum order quantity, but we do have minimum order value of £100 per box size.

What are your lead times?

 The lead time depends on the quantity of your order and our production schedule at that time. Our lead times usually are 3-4 working weeks. Between October – January our lead times extend up to 4-5 working weeks due to high demand for orders connected to Black Friday and Christmas.

Can I pay for my order over the phone?

We don’t accept payments over the phone, we request bank transfer and the bank details can be found at the bottom of our invoice.

When will I receive my order?

We work on Payment in Advance basis initially. Once you’d like to proceed with an order, we prepare Proforma Invoice. Once the payment for your order is issued, we start the production.

Do you offer glued boxes?

We pride ourselves in our sturdy, long lasting, unique stitched boxes and don’t offer the option of glued boxes.

What information do you need to provide a quotation?
  • We’d need to know the internal dimensions in mm. Length x Width x Height.
  • Which board you would like (see below for options)
  • Whether you would like a logo debossed onto the box
What are the board options?
  • Kraft lined board in the following thickness
    • 1000 micron
    • 1250 micron
    • 1500 micron
    • 1900 micron

kraft board

  • Unlined greyboard
    • 850 micron
    • 1000 micron
    • 1500 micron



  • Solid black board
    • 1250 micron

black board

  • Archival Board
    • 1300 micron

archival board box

(free of charge samples of board are available upon request)

What are the stitching options?
  • Silver alloy wire

silver alloy stitched box

  • Brass wire

Brass stitched box

  • Wide silver alloy wire

wide alloy stitched

What are finger gouges?

These are an optional feature which can help with lid removal. Finger gouges are usually applied to a box where the lid is the full depth on the unit.

finger gauges

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