Stitchedboxes is continuing a hand-made box making tradition which originated in Sheffield in the late 1800’s at Joseph Pickering Ltd. The story started with a romance between the son of a silversmith and the niece of a polishing paste producer, who married in 1847. The legacy of this union is our own Stitchedboxes – hand-made wire stitched box production located within a first-class manufacturing facility in Sheffield.

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At Stitchedboxes, we manufacture all types of traditional wire stitched boxes in a range of solid board materials for a variety of uses; from steel blades to bow ties to acid-free museum archival boxes.

Black Board Box Gold Hot Foil Blocking

Uniquely Flexible

Because we make the boxes ourselves we can offer bespoke, flexible, short-run deliveries with a quick turnaround. So please give us a call and support our local, Made in Britain approved business.

Boxes In a Variety Sizes and Materials

Make your boxes exactly how you imagined with a range of various materials that offer different feels, rigidity and strength.

Wire Stitching

We are different from other box makers because we don’t use glue. All our boxes are being put together using alloy or brass stitches.

Box Personalisation

Choose from our options of personalising your boxes, such as hot foil blocking or blind stamping your logo / graphic.

Having had years of relying on deliveries from China & USA I was delighted to find a British producing box company. Not only are their prices very competitive but any size requirement, quality & branding is possible with low minimums and a very fast turnaround.

Shortbread Sue

Shortbread Gift Company

We chose Stitched Boxes because we felt the natural, tactile feel of the kraft card was a good match with our handmade wooden products. The quality of the boxes is fantastic, the service is great and our customers love them.

Mike Chamberlain

Dust and Things

We received the first box order and we love them, thank you. We’d really like to work out a way to get them for our US site too!

Bethan Lloyd Worthington

The Saturday Market Project

Our Customers

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Send your requirements and we will get back to you with a quote within 1-2 working days.

Material swatch samples can be requested free of charge. Ready box sample(s) have a small fee. Please don’t hesitate to ask - call 01142626257

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Map & Poster Boxes

Map & Poster Boxes

We’re introducing a range of map and poster boxes, the images show our triangular style which is a simple clamshell design with the lid attached and secured with a flap insert.

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Brendan Dawes | Produced for Use

Brendan Dawes | Produced for Use

They looked utilitarian but had a warmth and charm to them, and after getting a sample made-up I knew they would be perfect for the new Morfff packaging. It makes me smile when I package up a new order with these boxes.

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Sometimes with slightly bigger companies you send an email to someone, and someone else will reply and you never speak to the same person and end up going in circles – that can be quite frustrating. That’s not the case with Stitchedboxes at all.

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